Why Haro Mountain Bikes are Very Popular Among the Professionals

Here at your bike shop central coast, The Bicycle Workshop, we are always on the look out for more information on our bikes including why you should have a great time with them. This is a great article having found it in “Street Directory”, highlighting one of our leading brands, Haro. We are a local bike shop central coast, supplier of the range, so you can enjoy!

Mountain bikes which are designed mainly for mountain biking. They are usually ridden on dirt trails and many other unpaved surfaces. When compared to road bicycles they are better and rugged enough for such unfriendly terrain.

In the Shop

It would not be easy just walking into a shop and selecting the bikes unless you walk into The Bicycle Workshop. Each bike in the store serves different purposes so you need someone to help you properly. Each person needs a bike that will fit his personality well, come at price within his budget and also he needs to enjoy riding it. Comfort and safety are also other important factors. Most important of all, the bikes must be worth the money.

These mountain bikes have broad, knobbier tires for more grip and absorption of shock. In modern bikes, suspension for front wheel has become the custom while suspension for the full front and rear is becoming more and more general. In few Haro mountain bikes, the handlebars are fixed with bar ends, but riser handlebars which are made such that they oppose to a flat straight handlebar are becoming increasingly popular because a very few riders use bars with their ends extended.

These bikes usually have 26 inches or 559 mm wheels, but many bikes are available in the markets, which have 29 inches or 622 mm wheels. This is the diameter universally used for other normal road bikes which is also known as a 700c.

Varieties and Colours

Some important varieties and colours of the mountain bikes are as follows, all Haro brand of course:

blue, yellow

black, orange

BMX Backtrail X1
blue, black, orange

double plat, green, black, red


are very popular among the professionals. It is a very stylish bike designed mainly for mountain biking and then fun to ride too. The important features of this bike are:

They are very light in weight so, they provide better climbing and acceleration, they are laterally stiff, they give us a submissive ride and absorb vibrations and most important of all they are drop-dead gorgeous. They provide more comfort and style.

The components used for making the bike are efficient and very strong however, one can also upgrade a few areas to lessen the weight or make it look more stylish or even to improve performance of the bike. But if the buyer is on a budget then the bike has an excellent built with stylish looks.

Haro mountain bikes feel very stiff while ascending and gives optimum performance. Riding is highly comfortable and enjoyable. They have a rugged and resilient structure that means they would last long. They are very popular among the top riders.

It is very convenient because of the simplicity in its design that makes it very easy to repair. The bike has enough strength to go on epic rides meaning overall, Haro mountain bikes are one of the very best available in the market. It is available in many price ranges affordable for all. Go for these bikes for great performance and an enjoyable ride.

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