TBWLJ, your bike shop, Central Coast , is happy to introduce to you…


Welcome to the Forgotten BMX Aftermath bike range.
This year Forgotten have taken the range to new heights with the introduction of sealed bearings on almost every bearing across the range. This, in addition to again working with the Tempered Goods crew, has added value for money without compromising the style of the collection. WE here at The Bicycle Workshop, your bike shop, Central Coast, are very pleased to offer them to you.

The Aftermath range consists of bright, standout colours and graphics to draw the attention of younger riders. As the bikes develop throughout the range, the styles mature offering subtle, sophisticated colours for the seasoned rider, this helps give Forgotten bikes a unique Australian look and feel.

We hope you enjoy the bikes as much as Forgotten have enjoyed creating them and we enjoy stocking them for you this season. 

TBWLJ also stocks all your BMX accessories as well.

Now check out these bikes…


The Damned model bike is our highest end model BMX bike. It’s aimed at the more advanced rider or perfect for an older dude or father wanting to get out there for a ride.

SPECS: OPTIMISED GEOMETRY PRO SPEC – All the bells and whistles Top & Down Tube Gussets for extra frame strength 21” Top Tube Cromo 9.5” HIGH RISER Bars Chrome Plated TEMPERED GOODS Zephyr Flangeless Grips Alloy Pro Design Top Load Stem FULLY SEALED Headset Tapered Pro Style Forks Cromo Legs 2pc 8T Splined Cromo Tubular Cranks FULLY SEALED Mid BB 19mm


The Lurker model bike is our mid level model BMX bike. A perfect bike for both beginner or more advanced riders. The Forgotten Lurker is a dream ride.

SPECS: OPTIMISED GEOMETRY EXPERT SPEC – A dialled mid level bike Top & Down Tube Gussets for extra frame strength 20.65” TT Frame Design 9” Cromo Bars FULLY SEALED Internal headset Tapered Pro Style Fork Cromo Legs TEMPERED GOODS Zephyr Flangeless Grips. New HIGH RISER Stem – 30mm Rise Cromo Tubular 3pc 8 Spline Crank Set FULLY SEALED Mid BB 19mm Axle


The Thrasher model bike is our entry level model BMX bike. A perfect bike for any beginner. The Forgotten Thrasher is a dream ride for a great price.

SPECS: OPTIMISED GEOMETRY BEGINNER SPEC – Perfect for any youngster Top & Down Tube Gussets for extra frame strength 19.8” Top Tube Design 8.75” Bars Tapered Pro Style Fork Design 3pc Cranks TEMPERED GOODS Zephyr Flangless Grips. FULLY SEALED Mid BB 19mm Axle FULLY SEALED Front Hub SEALED BEARING Rear Cassette Hub

Give us a call at The Bicycle Workshop Long Jetty, your bike shop, central coast, to find out more about these great bikes, Forgotten, BMX!