Kids Bikes

Kids bikes from Wired Bikes

Best kids bikes Central Coast

The best kids bikes are right here on the Central Coast for your little ones to enjoy. To start with we stock Wired Bikes. These include electric balance bikes for kids. Take a look at this cool video:

Featuring a new high-output brushless motor for 2021, the WIRED 16″ Balance Bike is the clear choice for slightly taller riders or those with more experience.

It features more power, larger 16” wheels and an increased 520mm seat height. Both models offer quick charging and roughly 45-90 minutes of run-time for an exceptional amount of fun, along with hours of hand-eye coordination, balance and outdoor exercise.

Kids bikes from Fun Wheels

Next up we have the Fun Wheels brand. Fun Wheels have a large range of balance bikes, four wheelers and family fun bikes.

Fun Wheels Company Philosophy…

We love our kids. We love the outdoors and we love all the benefits of being active!

Physical & mental well-being is so important to us, especially these days with all the tech distractions, to do lists and comparisons to one another. What ever happened to just being….

Being inquisitive
Being spontaneous
Being creative
Being out in nature
Being with each other
You get the point.

We are a family full of passion, we dream it… then we do it… together.

We sell 1000’s of BERG Pedal Go-Carts every year and always receive feedback about how much joy they bring. Kids’ eyes light up when they see them! Not only are they engineered for ultimate safety & durability, but they offer the opportunity to develop strength, balance & co-ordination. They are SO MUCH FUN they look SUPER COOL!

Do your kids find the“usual bikes” challenging or don’t suit their specific needs? After purchasing a BERG Pedal Go-Cart, we’ve had parents talk about the first genuine smile in years and grandparents have been in tears about the freedom we’ve given their grandchild.

We are so blessed and proud to play any part in bringing joy.

Kids Bikes in Store

Come on in and take a look at our kids bikes in store. You’ll love them. We have a Covid Safety Plan and always work in accordance with the current NSW Government requirements.

Give us a call or message us on Facebook and we can help you out with fantastic kids bikes.