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In this section of The Bicycle Workshop site, we are going to open up the world of bike riding. We are your Central Coast bike shop and want to show you how to enjoy your bike ride on the Central Coast and everywhere else. We want to bring videos of adventures from far and wide. Because we want to share the joy of the ride with our central coast bike riders. We know everyone else loves their bike riding as much as we do here at The Bicycle Workshop.

Central Coast Bike Shop Videos

Enjoy the videos of bike riding from around the world. Because we will also post some articles all about the adventure and thrill that is riding your bike. Videos to show you the fun you can have. Then post some articles to help all of the Central Coast bike riders with tips about their bikes. We’ll include road racing, mountain biking and everything else we can find to do with bike rides for people on the Central Coast.

Central Coast Bike Shop Fun Too

Central Coast Bike Shop

In around Gosford, the Central Coast that is of course, we have some great mountain bike tracks but also of course beach cruising and road riding. In fact, Gosford bike riding has everything that you could want in biking good fun. Our range of Haro bikes are perfect for all of your bike riding needs. Drop by some time and have a talk about what you want in a bike and see what Haro has for you. Of course we also have a huge range of clothing, accessories and a great workshop to keep you serviced and on the track or road.

This section will be a work in progress so grab your bike. Grab your gear and get out and ride the Central Coast, it’s great out there!

Gravel Riding

Secret Downhill Track?

Lisbon is a great ride too…