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Most of your cycling from the central coast bike shop is smooth riding and lots of fun. The central coast bike shop knows you have lots of great cycling to do. However, your central coast bike shop wants you to stay safe and healthy. Here are some great tips on long distance bike riding. Enjoy these tips and guidelines for you.

While running and doing stretches are great, cycling has its own series of advantages.  Exercises are important and studies have shown this repeatedly. They build one’s mental as well as physical health. Apart from being fit and fine, biking trips offer exceptional opportunities to explore new places and have amazing adventures on your own or with your friends. The Central Coast is fantastic for bike riding adventures with your friends.

In the present times, cycling tours are becoming increasingly popular, especially long-distance ones with friends and family because they refresh one’s body, mind, soul and community. Planning is always essential even though it all seems like fun.

• Sketch the Route – Plan Ahead

If you are keen on taking a trip on your own prepare your ride with the utmost caution. You need to choose routes that are both challenging and safe. In the case of guided tours, however, skilled professionals would prepare your journey, so relax and enjoy the ride.

• Good Clothing

As you will be pedalling for miles, you would not get time for changing along the way. So, wear outfits that could withstand sweat, dirt, and dust. Padded shorts with breathable jersey are more comfortable for long rides. Remember to wear gloves and helmets. Clip-in shoes, perhaps the best for cycling trips. Water along the way is good too.

• Food and drink

Always be sure to carry plenty of water and food bars. It is better if you avoid the energy drinks which are way too high in sugar content.

• Always Warm-Up

To reduce risks of cramps, make your body ready for long-distance cycling. The best way is through extensive training or rigorous workout sessions. Do not push your limits. Cycle at a normal speed because this is not a race. Don’t forget to take necessary breaks.

• Equipment Ready

Before participating in the trip, make sure to get your bikes serviced. Also, learn the ways of changing tires. Carry an emergency kit with tire pump and patches. Also pack a first-aid kit in case you need running repairs on yourself.

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Following these pointers would certainly make your cycling trip fun.